One of the most important elements of discipleship is related to consistent study of God’s Word, God’s plan and the person of Jesus. While there are topics not specifically discussed in Scripture, most men are surprised to learn just how many important topics are thoroughly dealt with in the Bible.

There are times, however, when a man lacks discernment with regard to making proper application of God’s Word for his unique situation. There are also times when we, as men, tend to over-complicate God’s Word. For these and other similar situations, topical study guides can be helpful tools enabling us to better understand and apply God’s Word to our daily lives.

Covered within the Living Life God’s Way series are some of the most common yet challenging topics we face as men, including marriage and parenting, money, work and ministry, sex, pride, leadership, forgiveness, intimacy, hearing God’s voice, identity, mentoring, strongholds, authority and more.

With a Scriptural challenge to be continually transformed into the image of Jesus, men need encouragement and, often, exhortation like that offered within this book series. We need each other! We need godly examples of men who’ve learned to overcome strongholds and walk in victory and in intimacy with Jesus. We need to be reminded that, as King of every area of our lives, Jesus has just as much right to bring correction and discipline as He does bringing mercy, love and encouragement. As we learn to yield all aspects of our lives to Him, transformation happens! And it should never stop.

A key pathway to transformation is a daily pursuit of the Lord through quiet time. This time should always include worship, prayer and reading the Word. And more than just reading it, we must learn to become students of His Word through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, through memorization and through Bible study tools. These tools include Biblical dictionaries, concordances, encyclopedias and study books. There are many helpful study books that can be utilized in a group setting or individually. The Living Life God’s Way series was designed to be used in both applications, solo or group, and can help bring depth and richness to your daily quiet time.

My sincere hope is that these Bible study books will help bring you closer to His presence, His character and His wisdom. May God richly bless you in your pursuit of Living Life God’s Way!

~Lou Turner