Hi, I’m Lou Turner


Hi, I’m Lou Turner. Thank you for visiting my web site. When I wrote the “Living Life God’s Way” series, it was out of a passion for men to discover God, have a more meaningful relationship with Him, and to discover His will and purpose for their life. It is meant to help guide men on their path of life.

These booklets come out of my own journey. As I have sought God and studied His Word, I have purposed to practically apply it to all areas of my life; my family, my work, my ministry, my finances, and most important, my personal relationship with God. I try to share what I have learned from my successes, as well as from my mistakes and bad decisions.

I have worked in senior management positions with national and international companies in both the real estate and oil and gas industries. At one point my wife and I also started a church that I pastored for 3 years, after which I felt a strong call to go back into business. As of this writing, I’m still active in business with my own home building company.

I have been married to my beautiful wife, Joan, since we were 20. We have three great children and 10 grandchildren.

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