Full Set – Men’s Series

About The Book

The topics covered in this series are critical to living life God’s way; a life that is meant to be blessed and meaningful. Lou Turner shares truth he has learned throughout life in business and ministry. He has held senior management positions in national and international companies and has looked to God and His Word for direction through the ups and triumphs of life, as well as the downs, mistakes, and trials of life.

The series of booklets was written to help guide men on their path of life. It is meant to give direction, wisdom, understanding and some answers to needed questions. The Bible is the chief textbook. These studies look into the Bible and what it has to say about these important and critical areas every man has to deal with. Life is meant to be an adventure and a discovery of God’s truth. If you are ready, jump into this series and let God lead you into His truth as you prayerfully consider what these booklets have to say.